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About Behdasht Salamat Arya Andishan

Behdasht Salamat Arya Andishan (BSA) Company, was registered and established in 2015 with the objective of manufacturing oral and dental health products. The company endeavors to furnish its clientele with cutting-edge technology, the latest European machinery, and the expertise of both domestic and international professionals, while maintaining a judicious balance between quality and pricing.

The principal objectives of the company include sustaining continuous and effective communication with all stakeholders, achieving customer satisfaction, prioritizing the dignity of human capital, enhancing productivity through heightened educational standards, fostering motivation, cultivating a systemic culture, and expanding market share. In alignment with the pursuit of self-sufficiency and reducing reliance on imports in the realm of oral and dental health product manufacturing, Behdasht Salamat Arya Andishan Company, drawing upon fifty years of industry experience, has inaugurated the largest toothbrush production line in the Middle East. This facility boasts an annual capacity of 50 million units.

With the assistance of European consultants and proficient local professionals, the factory is capable of manufacturing a comprehensive range of toothbrushes, including orthodontic, sensitive teeth, and interdental variants, utilizing state-of-the-art machinery. The establishment aims to elevate the regional production standards of domestic goods with pride.

By employing the latest European technology in toothbrush production, the factory has implemented a fully automated material transfer system, eliminating manual intervention. Additionally, through the utilization of cutting-edge injection devices, the factory has become the first in Iran to produce toothbrush handles in three colors. Employing devices featuring the latest European advancements, the toothbrushes manufactured by this enterprise are 99% end-rounded, ensuring they do not cause any harm to teeth and gums.